Steam Room Sauna & Bath Treatments For Complete Relaxation

Restore your mind, body, and soul and completely reinvigorate yourself at Dolce Vita Health & Beauty’s sauna and bath spa. Cleanse yourself of impurities and toxins and release all of life’s negative energy at our Tuscan oasis. Our private saunas and baths help to increase circulation, improve function of endothelial arteries, and can help reduce blood pressure.

Steam Room Sauna

Aromatherapy Steam Room Sauna

Our private sauna will have you forgetting about your day’s troubles while you detoxify your body of all impurities. The benefits of a sauna extend beyond simple detoxification and can help ease your mind, body, and soul as they have for thousands of years for Romans, Greeks, Scandinavian, and Asian countries. The aromatherapy sauna regimen can help improve your health and get you feeling right. It’s ideal for those with a busy schedule that need a moment away or those weekend warriors that need aid in relaxing their muscles!

  • $45 for 15min
  • $90 for 30min

Aromatherapy Hydrabath

Our aromatherapy hydrabath uses new oxygenating technology to increase circulation while experiencing our eau marine therapeutic benefits. The specialized anti-aging hydrabath rests and relaxes you as we use the best penetrative essential oils which are customized just for you. Our essential oils are sourced natively from around the world and include: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, and Citrus Bliss.

  • $45 for 15min
  • $90 for 30min
Aromatherapy Steam Bath

Ease Your Mind, Body, & Soul With Steam Bath & Sauna

Your body is a sacred temple and should be treated as such. Keeping your spirit in balance and healing from within is aided by taking special care of yourself through the use of both ancient techniques and state-of-the-art technology. At Dolce Vita Health & Beauty’s sauna and bath spa you can center yourself and find inner peace while enjoying time away from the stress of life and work. It’s important to treat and pamper yourself, so why not do it at one of the most luxurious sauna and bath spas in the Sacramento area?

Sauna Treatment
Steam Room

Benefits of A Sauna

For thousands of years Mayans, Scandinavians, and other cultures have used sweating and saunas for its immense health benefits and therapy. At Dolce Vita Health & Beauty we are all about health and wellness and use these same techniques for our clients to relax and unwind.

Benefits of a sauna can include:

  • Easing pain
  • Relaxation
  • Reducing Stress Levels
  • Release of Toxins and Impurities
  • Improved Blood Vessel Function
  • Improving Cardiovascular Health

We offer a private VIP room for a group of four or more that can be rented for as little as $150 per person. This will also get you a discounted rate for the Sauna at only $50 per person for 30 minutes. Please contact us to reserve.

Our Customers Are Living The Sweet Life

At Dolce Vita Health & Beauty your experience is what matters most to us. Our 5000 square foot Tuscan oasis was designed to make you feel like royalty and to whisk you away from life’s stresses. Each and every client is unique and special to us and is treated as such with free foot massages and refreshments. See why our clients are truly living the Sweet Life!

Sauna And Bath

At Dolce Vita, we also offer a party room for groups that can be rented for as little as $75 an hour. A Group of 4 or more people requires a minimum of 1-hour booking. For more information, please contact us.

Sauna And Bath
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