Rest & Relaxation With Massage Spa Therapy

Go through your daily routine without pain and wincing by treating yourself to Dolce Vita Health & Beauty’s massage spa therapy. World-class masseuse’s will help boost your body’s defense system, relieve pain and aches, and ease any tension in your body all while you relax at our Tuscan-style oasis.

Full Body Massage Therapy

Each specific massage therapy is designed to offer complete rest and relaxation while targeting your optimal pain points. We offer a number of cutting-edge and ancient massage techniques that are designed to make you remove any pain and make you feel bliss!

Head & Scalp Massage

Most stress is typically stored in the upper part of your body, mainly in your head and scalp. This calming experience concentrates on relieving stress and tension in these special areas.

$95 For 30 min

Tension Zone Therapy Massage

Have a specific area that’s causing you pain? Our Tension Zone Therapy Massage is designed to target a specific problem area to relieve and stress, knots, or pain that you may have.

$110 For 45 min

Prenatal Massage

This massage is perfect for any expecting mother’s. Must be between 13-36 weeks pregnant to enjoy.

$145 For 60 min

Swedish Relaxation Massage (light sweet pressure)

This treatment is geared to relaxation and usually incorporates aromatherapy. Our massage therapist focuses on long strokes to relieve stress. Enjoy a heated neck wrap, eye pillow, and hot towels.

$135 For 60 min

$185 For 90 min

Dolce Vita Combo Massage (medium pressure)

European style massage with medium pressure which acknowledges body energy, including sensory energy lines that leaves you more balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

$150 For 60 min

$195 For 90 min

Deep Tissue Thermal Massage

Stimulate and invigorate muscles and release tension with this deep, focused massage. Designed to release tight, fatigued muscles & joints, and ease and open taut muscle tissue and disperse toxins.

$165 For 60 min

$215 For 90 min

Aromatherapy Massage (Swedish light pressure with natural Doterra Oils)

Combining the benefits of a light pressure Swedish massage with the powerful properties of essential oils results in an effective method of healing and revitalizing your mind, body, and soul.

$165 For 60 min

$215 For 90 min

Hot Stone Massage

This massage that will leave you speechless utilizes approximately 85 stones in varying temperatures and sizes. The heat from basalt stones penetrates deeply to loosen and sooth tightened muscles.

$185 For 60 min

$225 For 90 min

Hot & Cold Deep Muscle Therapy (natural pain-relieving gel)

Beginning with a warm towel compression to relax your muscles, we then apply therapeutic warming ointment giving you a warming sensation and the friction your masseuse needs to work deeper into muscles. We end with a cool down of your body.

$145 For 45 min

Lavender Relaxation Massage (with luxury natural body butter)

A wonderful way to reduce stress while stimulating your senses and enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy. Our natural body butter will leave you feeling smooth and silky to the touch.

$165 For 60 min

$215 For 90 min

Anti-Aging Body Relaxation Massage

A light pressure, anti-aging massage that sooths & softens your skin while diffusing cellulite & increasing micro-circulation. Sooth dry & flaky skin with Shea Butter leaving skin demineralized and deeply moisturized.

$175 For 60 min

$225 For 90 min

Coconut Relaxation Massage

A light pressure, anti-aging massage that will smooth and soften your skin while diffusing cellulite and increasing micro-circulation. This will leave you fully relaxed and your skin feeling soft to the touch!

$165 For 60 min

$215 For 90 min

Relaxation Shea Butter Massage

Sooth dry, flaky skin with Gerard’s Sea Butter, leaving skin demineralized and deeply moisturized. If you’re a beach lover this is perfect for pre and post tanning!

$165 For 60 min

$215 For 90 min

Reiki Massage

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction. This powerful massage can prompt stress relief, relaxation, and healing in the body allowing you to feel completely refreshed.

$155 For 60 min

Lomi Lomi Sweet Massage

This massage makes use of forearms and hands in a fluid and rhythmic motion to massage different parts of the body at the same time. It helps you relax as it is difficult for your brain to focus on two areas.

$145 For 60 min

$195 For 90 min

$255 For 120 min

Massage Therapy

A Mini Getaway At Our
Massage Spa

Remove yourself from your busy life for an afternoon and be treated to a mini getaway full of rest an relaxation at our massage spa. All of our full body massages include face and scalp massage, hot towel treatment for your feet, hot towel infused with peppermint for your back, a warm, soothing towel for your face and fresh cucumber for the eyes. Each massage ends with an aromatherapy spray over your face. All of our oils are doTerra and a natural body oil blend mixed in house by our licensed staff.

At Dolce Vita Health & Beauty you are treated like royalty with our massage spa therapy.

We also offer a party room for groups that can be rented. A Group of 4 or more people requires a minimum of 1-hour booking. For more information, please contact us.

Rejuvenate Yourself With A Full Body Massage

Massage Therapy

Waking up with aches and pains? Completely restore every muscle in your body with our full body massages that will leave you feeling loose and refreshed. Our highly-trained masseuses are trained on the latest techniques to help target all the right locations on your body and eliminate your pain points. Each full body massage include a face and scalp massage, hot towel treatments, cucumbers over your eyes, and aromatherapy spray to have you fully relaxed and recharged.

Our Customers Are Living The Sweet Life

At Dolce Vita Health & Beauty your experience is what matters most to us. Our 5000 square foot Tuscan oasis was designed to make you feel like royalty and to whisk you away from life’s stresses. Each and every client is unique and special to us and is treated as such with free foot massages and refreshments. See why our clients are truly living the Sweet Life!

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
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