Restylane Under Eye Filler

Are you tired of hollow under eyes? Are you always asked “why are you so tired?” Chances are you need your tear troughs filled in. With Restylane under eye fillers, you don’t have to look tired ever again. Restylane-L is the best under eye filler in the market while it's FDA-approved and helps to give that subtle change that will just slightly change the way you look. And the best part is, most people can’t tell what changes you’ve made with this under eye filler filler!

Dolce Vita Restylane Fillers Model

What Are Under-Eye Fillers?

Restylane® Under-Eye Fillers are an FDA-approved treatment that is meant to treat a number hollow under-eyes or fill in the tear troughs. It helps to eliminate moderate to severe wrinkles when safely administered by our licensed professionals.

At Dolce Vita Health & Beauty, we use Restylane®-L, one of the the best and most popular under eye filler, to help reduce that hollow under-eye look and reduce that tired look.

If you don’t like the appearance of having wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, or bags under your eyes, fillers will help you look younger by minimizing their appearance.

Who Should Get Under Eye Fillers

The majority of people can profit from fillers and do not encounter any negative side effects as a result of their use.

Some people, on the other hand, are better candidates for fillers than others. The following people are good candidates for under eye filler treatment:

  • Those who do not smoke are referred to as nonsmokers (the act of smoking exacerbates wrinkles and fine lines and can hinder the results of the treatment).
  • Those with moderate-to-severe wrinkles or dark circles beneath their eyes.
  • Those with distinct facial issues that do not affect the rest of the face.
  • Those who have never had a severe allergic reaction before.

There are no gender restrictions when it comes to fillers. These therapies are likely an excellent alternative for you if you’re in good health!

  Loss Of Collagen, Elastin, And Hyaluronic Acid

Loss of Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid

Under Eye Filler Before And After Treatment

Ready to start your journey with Restylane-L but need to see some before and after photos of treatments? We’ve got you covered!
Restylane-L can help treat your under eyes and reduce the “sunken” or “tired” look. Never again look like you didn’t get a good night’s rest!

Why Restylane®-L Is The Best Under Eye Filler

Hollow under eyes are a sore spot for many. While there are a number of treatments out there to use, Restylane-L is the best under-eye filler in the market and it is our treatment of choice at Dolce Vita because of its long lasting results. This FDA-approved tear trough filler will provide plumpness and hydration under your eyes. Look like you’re well rested each and every night with Restylane-L filler!

Restylane L Under Eye Filler

How Long Do Under Eye Filler Last?

Just as with any other dermal fillers, how long results last can be dependent on a number of factors including how quickly your body metabolizes Restylane as well as where the treatment has been done. Our Restylane under-eye filler injections can last up to 20 months to keep you looked well rested for a long time!

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What To Expect During Treatment

Restylane under-eye filler treatments are similar to other dermal fillers and injections that we have at Dolce Vita Health & Beauty. Upon arrival you will speak with one of our licensed professionals to get an understanding of what your goals are. We will then guide you on the best option to help you meet your aesthetic goals to truly bring out your beauty.

Most treatments take approximately 15-30 minutes long. Our registered nurse will administer the product in your trouble spots and assess your face to assure that it has been done correctly. Most patients describe minimal to no discomfort during the treatment and at most feel tiny pricking sensations. Overall, Restylane treatments are minimally invasive and can have you back to your regular routine within an hour!

How Much Do Under Eye Fillers Cost

Fillers are priced per syringe and the number of syringes necessary to achieve your desired look determines the cost. In addition, we do want to remind you these treatments are considered as cosmetic and are not covered by insurance providers. It will have to be paid out of pocket.

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